wooden box, in use

A simple, traditional and sturdy wooden box will last for years.

We know that custom, handcrafted furniture is an investment.  We are in the process of of creating a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.  If you have a question, please visit the contact page and we will answer them.

What do we make?
The Medieval Woodwright handcrafts the simple, unadorned furniture of the middle ages.

Do you make fancy things?
We do not. We take great pride in creating and crafting a solid piece of furniture that will last, and which does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Where do you get your designs?
Right from the source! Most of the designs used are based on period images – illuminated manuscripts and paintings.  Our work is not the work of the highborn, but the kind of solid, useful furnishing that would be used in the homes of “regular people” and nobles on military campaigns.

How long does it take once I order a piece for it to be made?
Because every piece is handmade, to order, the process can take from a couple of months to up to two years, if the piece requires harder-to-find or unusual woods.

Some of your pieces are quite expensive…
Yes.  We know that handcrafted, quality furniture is an investment. But you can be assured that every piece will be strong, sturdy, beautiful, of simple, classic and timeless design and will, with the right care, last for generations.

How can I purchase your pieces?
To order a custom piece, first contact us via email or facebook. We will work together to choose the right materials for your project, discuss the size, and figure out exactly what you want, create a time frame and a cost estimate will be sent to you. Once the estimate is made, we request a 50% down payment to cover the material cost and the start of the work. The remainder is due immediately prior to delivery. (On rare occasions, if materials are unique or specialized, we may request a slightly larger initial payment. These are rare cases, however.)

We accept checks, cash and can also accept credit card payments via PayPal.

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