A variety of tables are available, with or without seating benches.

Dining tables are solid, heirloom pieces – heavy, simple, sturdy and built to last for generations.  Dining tables start at $500.

Trestle tables are simple and break down with ease, and look wonderful in period encampments for many eras. Trestle tables start at $300. Matching benches start at $150.

Side table tops start at $40, and are designed to fit over your favorite canvas camp stool.

Full-size table

Dining/work tables, prices vary

Table side view

Dining tables are sturdy, practical and built to last.


The table top of a dining table.

trestle table

Trestle tables: easy to break down, look great, travel easily; tables start at $300. Matching benches start at $150.

Tresle for a table

Trestle for a table.

Small tabletops suitable for converting stools into tables.

Tabletops can be created to make camp stools into quite effective tables. Starting at $40.

Small table from top view.

A retrofitted camp stool become a lovely side table.


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