Boxes can be made in a variety of sizes for nearly any use, from a small box sized to proper protect regalia to a larger box for use as a kitchen box, storage box for clothing or bedding, or something of a specific size. Boxes can be custom made to most specifications. Price will depend on material selection and design choice.

Boxes may be bench boxes or can be small boxes to hold spices, regalia or whatever you fancy to put in them.  Bench boxes start at $75; other boxes are priced individually.

wooden box, in use

A simple, traditional and sturdy wooden box will last for years.

Back of storage box.

Front of storage box.

Back side of custom box.

Back side and hinges of custom box.

medieval style box

Boxes: sturdy, well constructed, double as a stool or seat; $75-and up (depending on size and material)

Reverse and hinges of small standing box.

Reverse and hinges of small standing box.

Smaller standing box

A small standing box, open.


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